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atv trailer profi worker

Two-axle ATV trailers behind quads

Jiří Komárek 21.2.2018

Two-axle ATV trailers behind quads Multifunctional tipping trailers behind quads and compact tractors designed for celý článek

Single-axle ATV Trailer

Single-axle ATV trailers behind quads

Jiří Komárek 21.2.2018

Single-axle ATV trailers behind quads Single-axle trailers (ATV trailer Gardener and ATV trailer Farmer) represent celý článek

folding trailer for atv

ATV trailers with a plastic tipping box

Jiří Komárek 21.2.2018

Small and light trailers that can be used by all home gardeners. The trailers are celý článek

Most popular products

atv trailer profi worker

ATV trailer Profi Worker

Trailer dimensions 2 420 (3 580) x 1 250 x 1 340 mm
Platform dimensions 2 000 x 1 000 (550) x 450 mm
Weight 200 kg
Price excl. VAT 1 160,-€
JPJtrailer gardener

ATV trailer Gardener

Trailer dimensions 2 730 x 890 x 1 133 mm
Platform dimensions 1 480 x 920(530) x 450 mm
Weight 75 kg
Price excl. VAT 506,-€
atv-trailer Profi Gardener

ATV trailer Profi Gardener

Trailer dimensions 2 700 x 1 180 mm
Platform dimensions 1 750 x 1 180 x 820 mm
Weight 180 kg
Price excl. VAT 1 160,-€
tire with disc 12

Tires, including discs 22x12x8

Price excl. VAT 78,-€
atv trailer lamberjack

ATV trailer Lumberjack

Trailer dimensions 2 420 (3 580) x 1 250 x 1 340 mm
Weight 170 kg
Weight capacity 1 000 kg
Price excl. VAT 869,-€
Trailer Farmer for ATV

ATV trailer Farmer

Trailer dimensions 2 720 x 1 120 x 910 mm
Platform dimensions 1 500 x 950 x 480 mm
Weight 95 kg
Price excl. VAT 441,-€
trailer behind quad with plastic body

JOBER folding ATV trailer

Trailer dimensions 180 x 115 x 76 cm
Platform dimensions 121 x 86 x 30 cm
Weight capacity 300 kg
Price excl. VAT 253,-€
wheel hub jpjtrailer

JPJ wheel hub 450

Weight capacity 450 kg/part
Pitch 4 x 98 – 100 mm
Price excl. VAT 32,-€

JPJtrailers off-road

ATV-trailer and compact trailer

JPJ Forest, s.r.o. has been manufacturing special off-road trailers and multifunctional forwarders designed for work four-wheelers, ATV/UTV vehicles and compact tractors already since 2009. Our traditional trailers and forwarders are sold under the JPJtrailers brand name. The carts have already become legendary in their area and they dictate the appearance and character of the entire field on the European market. Product quality and customer satisfaction are an absolute priority for us and these values have been also demonstrated by the ISO 9001 certificate and CE declaration on conformity. We are a manufacturer that sells directly to end users. That is why we can always supply necessary spare parts fast, why we understand your requirements and why we fully stand behind our services and products.